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Bali to Commence Thermal Power Plant Development

Saturday April 21, 2007

The province of Bali is expected to begin developing a 400-MW thermal power plant (PLTU) around Celukan Bawang port, in the Buleleng district, in efforts to anticipate a power crisis on the island, Asia Pulse reported as quoted by Indonesia’s Trade and Investment News published by the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy.

"The thermal power plant is expected to commence operation in stages starting 2008," public relations coordinator of state-owned electricity company PLN, Hendra Saleh, said on Thursday (10/5/07). The power plant is expected to meet the need for electricity supply of Bali for five to 10 years to come. The plant will use coal so that its operational cost would be lower than other plants in Bali which use diesel oil, he said.

So far Bali has been supplied with 580 MW of power supplies, consisting of 200 MW from Java, 130 MW from the Gilimanuk power generators, 120 MW from the Pesanggaran diesel power plant and 80 MW from the Pemaron gas-fired plant.