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Bali Design Expo - new photos available

Friday September 29, 2006
Here you can find pictures of every stall of the Bali Design Expo.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Let's start with the author's two personal favourites: avatar bedcover 
and the banyuwangi stall.

avatar bedcover
The swaying bedcovers and the emptiness in the stand symbolise perfectly your recreative sleep.   Banyuwangi surprised us with a complete house and an entertainment show. Thank you!

The next two pictures give us as an overview of the design expo. 
Its setting is perfect: right on the beach, bordered by the sea 
and the food festival.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.


The winner is ...
the jury
  our stand: the bedo stand. No products, but a lot of  organizational talent.   making the 
batik stamp

The stands are arranged alphabetically, 
non-members can be found at the end.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Asia Art
   Asia Line

Aulia Gaya
Avatar Bedcover

Bali asli
  Bali bamboo

Bali Paradise
Bali Prefab
C.V. Shinta Galeria

Eno Production

Immanuel Craft

Mama Leon
  Multi Bina Usaha
Serene Bali
  Shique Jewelry

Tropical Life 
(no bedo member)
(no bedo member)

Golden Grafika 
(no bedo member)
  SOS Orang Utan 
(no bedo member)

Thanks alot for your participation.
I hope we see us next year again.

Our next bedo meeting is on Wednesday, 11. Oktober in the Bali Garden Hotel.
Members as well as non-members are welcome.