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Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta, among 100 Best in the World

Sunday November 05, 2006

Amid the gloom, there is fortunately a silver lining. According to survey results, Times Education Supplement in its issue of 26 October 2006, confirmed that the Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta has been selected among world’s 100 best Universities, covering three categories, reports Media Indonesia on line.  These categories are: in Social Sciences, rated at no. 47 with a score of 41.1, two levels above the University of Malaya in ; Bio-medicine at no. 73 scoring 34.5, way above that obtained by the University of Utrecht in the with a score of 31.2; and Art and Humanities at no. 70. 

”The University of Gajah Mada is the only university in that has managed to reach the 100 best category chosen among 11,000 tertiary educational institutions”, said Gajah Mada University Rector, Sofian Effendi. 

Six study areas were surveyed, namely, science, technology, bio-medicines, art and humanities and social sciences. 

Next year the University plans to be included two more categories in the survey, said Sofian Effendi, these are science and technology, in particular in geo-hazard technology in the study of earthquakes.