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New Surabaya Airport in operation; Makassar Airport to Upgrade

Monday November 13, 2006

Surabaya has a new airport. On Tuesday, 7 November, the new Juanda Airport went into operation with many hitches. As all planes were that day diverted to the new airport , located north of the old one, operations were not as smooth as expected. Minister for Law and Human Rights, Hamid Awaludin, who was to give a speech at the University of Airlangga was left waiting in the plane for 45 minutes, for an aerobridge to be connected. Seats in the terminal’s waiting areas are also still far from adequate, and the main access road from the city to the airport is said to be completed by January next year only, reports Kompas. 

Nonetheless, the opening of the new facility was pressing as the number of passengers to Surabaya, Indonesia’s second largest city, was fast escalating each year. In 2005, Juanda handled a total of 6.2 million passengers, 5,590 international and 63,885 domestic aircraft landings. 

The new Juanda Airport at Surabaya covers a total area of 300 hectares, has a landing strip of 3,000m by 45m, an apron of 148,000 sq. m. for 18 planes, and a parking area for 3,000 cars.  The terminal, which is said to be modeled on Changi Airport in Singapore, has two floors, with the ground floor for ticketing and check-in, and for arriving passengers, while the second floor is for departing passengers. 

Meanwhile, to further improve facilities and extend the landing strip of the Hasanuddin Airport in Makassar, the government will disburse Rp. 500 billion in the Budget Year 2007, earmarked for the airport’s second phase development, said Minister for National Planning, Paskah Suzetta recently. 

The Hasanuddin Airport will be extended with an apron of 82,800 sq. m. to handle 7 planes, in addition to the present apron for 16 planes. The new terminal building will cover an area of 48,500 sq. m. and access road and parking area of 23,000 sq. m. 

Airlines and the private sector have constantly complained of inadequate facilities at the Hasanuddin Airport , especially considering that Makassar is a hub linking the western part with the eastern part of Indonesia.