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Forest Conservation Issues to be discussed at Climate Change Conference

Monday November 13, 2006

Indonesia will bring the forest conservation issue to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) taking place in Nairobi, Kenya, from November 6 to 17, 2006, reports ANTARA.

Dadang Hilman, member of the Indonesian delegation from the Environment Ministry to the Meeting said that will submit issues relating to forest conservation in controlling global warming.

Forestry is expected to become an important topic of discussion in the forum, he said, adding that the other issues to be included in the negotiations between the Indonesian delegation and representatives of other countries include the provision of the adaptation fund, which has yet to become a reality.

The forest issues to be discussed at the meeting are linked not only to forest fires in Southeast Asia , but also the disappearance of tropical land and the rapidly narrowing of forests in the world, according to Hilman.

Actually, and brought those issues to the UNFCCC meeting last year, especially in avoiding deforestation, but with so many issues forwarded at the meeting, countries with tropical forests formed a special coalition to fight for their interests. "They have asked to join the coalition, but we still have to think about the invitation," he explained.

Countries with tropical forests generally regard forests as resources, and exploit the forests to meet their economic needs, whereas the world needs to preserve the forests as the lungs of the earth, and as a means of hampering global warming resulting from the greenhouse effect.

The formation of the special coalition, according to Hilman, is intended to create a compensation mechanism of the advanced countries for the prevention of deforestation in countries with tropical forests to support their national economy. 

Indonesia will take up the same position as these countries and will join the coalition because and the other coalition members are fighting for the same interest, Hilman said.

Concerning the implementation of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Hilman disclosed that eight to ten CDM projects to be handled in have been listed, and six of those projects have been registered at international level.

The number of CDM projects in Indonesia is far less than those in China and India. India has over 700 CDM projects, while China has prepared to handle 100 CDM projects.

However the volume of carbon dioxide to be reduced by Indonesia`s CDM projects will be very high, especially with the planned reduction of 1.5 - 2.0 million tons of carbon by Indocement, reports Antara.