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Tourism must step up its Contribution to the Economy, says President SBY

Saturday March 31, 2007
Delivering his opening address at the start of the Tourism National Coordination Meeting recently, President Yudhoyono urged the Department of Culture and Tourism and all tourism stakeholders to be more creative and more innovative. The many Indonesian tourism potentials that Indonesia possesses must be maximized, the President said. For at the present moment the President deems that Indonesian Tourism is not yet comprehensively and concretely planned and implemented.
Even Indonesia’s volcanoes and “ring of fire”, the mud-volcanoes, and other geological phenomena can be developed as tourist attractions, the President mentioned, as reported in Bisnis Indonesia. 
Further President Yudhoyono urged that Tourism become one of Indonesia’s chief economic contributors, as in similar fashion tourism contributes significantly to the economies of the United States, Europe and China. Tourism officials in the Department should take lessons from these countries on how they have successfully developed their tourism sector to support their respective economies. 
In addition to accelerating the number of foreign arrivals from an expected 5.25 million to 6 million this year, the Department of Culture and Tourism now also plans to accelerate its target for domestic tourism   from 115.4 million in 2006 to 118 million in 2007. In 2005, there were and estimated 112 million domestic tourists making 213.3 million visits, spending Rp. 77.51 trillion.
In 2006 this number was estimated to have increased to 216.5 million visits with Rp. 78.6 trillion spent. While the target for 2007 spent is up to reach Rp. 80 trillion, said Domestic Promotion Director, Titien Soekarya, as reported by Antara and quoted by Media Indonesia.