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Parliament enacts Bill on National Disasters Management

Saturday March 31, 2007

Among a number of Bills that were passed by Parliament in Q1 of 2007 is the Bill on the Management of National Disasters. One of the major points in the Law is the formation of the National Board for National Disasters Management, which will have the position at a level with Ministries, and is directly accountable to the President, said Chairperson of Parliament’s Working Group, Aisyah Badowi. With this position, The Board will possess executing powers from national level down to the regions. 

The Board will comprise three main elements, namely the Supervisory Board, the Executive Board, and the Steering Committee. All three Boards will work in an integrated manner, pre-disasters, at time of disasters and post-disasters.

Meanwhile, spokesperson for the PPP party, Andi Ghalib said that it is high time that Indonesia has a permanent Board in charge of national disasters, such as owned by Japan, considering that Indonesia has suffered so many disasters in the past years. While spokesman for FKB party Ilyas Siradj was of the opinion that the government must allocate a special operational budget for the Board, which must be fully entrusted to the Board, without having to pass the normal bureaucratic financial procedures.
With the formation of the National Board on National Disasters, the existing organization of Bakornas at national level and the Satkorlak at regional level will be closed, as will be the Aceh Reconstruction Agency, BRR.