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Medan’s new Kuala Namu International Airport to start operations in 2009

Saturday April 21, 2007

New Minister for Communication, Jusman Syafi’i Djamal and Minister for State Enterprises, Sofyan Jalil, recently on inspection to Medan, North Sumatra, told the press that the government plans to accelerate the construction of the new Kuala Namu International Airport at Medan, to start operations by September 2009.

Medan urgently needs a larger airport, said the Minister, since the city’s present Polonia Airport already handles a total of 4 million passengers per year, whereas its maximum capacity is a mere 800,000. The location of the present airport is also too close to the city.

The new Kuala Namu Airport is designed to be 9 times larger than Polonia. It will have a runway of 2,750 meters, its terminal is designed to handle a capacity of 8 million passengers per year. Total area of the airport will be 131,000 square meters, with a terminal building of 90,000 sq. meters, and 131,000 sq. meter cargo space made available.