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Company Profile

Mrs. Suryandari
: Owner

Company Overview

We started the company at the end of 2002. Sewing was my hobby and I received small orders for sandals and bags, when I realized that there was big demand in this market. As I was a housewife myself, I wanted to help other unemployed women and housewife’s to be able to make a living out of their hobby as well. One day I received an order from a bigger ‘sequin’ – beat- Company, and based on my experience, they subcontracted me for the sequin product. I was very encouraged and decided to establish my own company. Why women? Because, it is women who do sawing and they are very detail orientated and therefore very accurate. Our company does care about the fact, that it is a handmade high quality product. We accept designs from our customers as well as having our own designs. We are designing and producing from a small traditional place. Our office and the workshop are in the same building, which support quality control. AULIA GAYA products are sandals, shoes and bags from sequin and beats. Our product line focuses on women and teenager. Our main market is in Venezuela but we also sell to also Japan, Italy and the United States.


1039 - 101
Fashion Slipper
EUR 1,77
Fashion Slipper...

1039 - 102
Fashion Slipper
EUR 2,21
Fashion Slipper...

1039 - 103
Fashion Slipper
EUR 2,21
Fashion Slipper ...

1039 - 106
Fashion Slipper
EUR 2,21
Fashion Slipper...

1039 - 107
Fashion Slipper
EUR 1,69
Fashion Slipper...

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