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Summary of Asia Invest EuroBali Training Workshops

2005-01-01 - 2005-01-01
  00:00:00 - 00:00:00
Bali Garden Hotel - Jl. Dewi Sartika - Kuta - Bali
Summary of Asia Invest EuroBali Training Workshops

The EuroBali training program provided Indonesian SME’s with export-focused modules that are taught by European trainers. WIFI and Formaper had sent expert professionals to teach these modules for the EuroBali pilot.
A total of 61 local handicraft, garment, furniture and jewelry companies participated in the Asia Invest EuroBali pilot project training. More than 67% were from the handicraft sector.

The workshops provided by the EuroBali pilot project got more practical and relevant as they progressed. This was largely due to an increased understanding by the trainers as to the conditions, needs, and experiences of Indonesian SMEs. WIFI and Formaper trainers were very participant focused and prepared to adapt their material as they went. This was very much appreciated by the EuroBali team and SMEs. Group work, practical case study exercises and examples of European market needs and trends were well received by SMEs.

Improvements for future trainings:

In future trainings more practical examples of competitors who sell to Europe are needed for Indonesian training. Providing examples of European housing, home decorations and the season’s fashion and colour trends would be also beneficial as most SMEs have not traveled beyond their own island and cannot afford European magazines and newspapers. Particularly useful for the future would be practical workshops about how to use the Internet to find market information, trends, potential importers and wholesalers.

Main benefits for SME’s participating in the EuroBali Export Network training programmes:

Receiving free training for companies that otherwise would not have had any training.
Getting new ideas and information about the European market and how to market overseas.
Time to network and see what other companies were doing, what problems they faced, and a chance to learn from each other.
The help of local facilitators mediating culture gaps and translating when English language explanations from European trainers were not clear enough.
Developing interest, understanding the importance and realizing the opportunities of forming a local association for SME exporters.

Facilitators and Sustainability of training

Outstanding commitment had been shown by Mrs. Dewi Rachman, who kept working for EuroBali till the middle of February 2006 and is now an active supporter of the “Bali Export Development Organization” (BEDO). Equally mentioned are Mr. Galung Swabudi and Mrs. Fransisca Muti Pola for their commitment to the project.

Mrs. Fransisca Muti Pola is currently working in a flower shop and Mrs. Hany Widjaja and Mrs. Ni Made Rusmawati are working in one of the participating SME’s, which is a member of BEDO. All these mentioned facilitators will assist sustain ongoing trainings for SME’s after the pilot project is completed!

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