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Launch of EuroBali Export Network Training

2005-05-21 - 2005-05-21
  08:30:00 - 12:30:00
Sahid Raya Hotel, Jalan Raya Kuta Bali
154 people registered and attended the conference. The conference introduced the training workshops provided for Indonesian SME’s to access and trade with countries in the European Union as well as the training for local facilitators to assist SME’s during the training program.

The conference started with a ‘Welcome’ by the Indonesian Department of Trade and Industry (Pemerintah Proviso Bali Departemen Perindustrian dan Perdagangan) and Bapak I. Made Supatra Karang, the Chairman from Kuta Small Business Association (KSBA)

Mr. Paul Angeli, the Project Manager from WIFI in Austria and Mr. Frederico Montelli, the Director from Formaper, Italy responded:

Mr. Paul Angeli:
“In Austria, WIFI has a training center that offers 26.000 (twenty six thousand) training sessions per year. More than 300.000 (three hundred thousand) participants are involved in WIFI training each year. WIFI is also actively involved in EU projects. EuroBali is an EU Asia Invest program. We hope that this program will assist export-oriented organizations in Bali and Indonesia and strengthen the local economy and EU trade relationships.”

Mr. Frederico Montelli
“Formaper is delighted to be part of this project. We are very interested in developing a strong partnership with Indonesia. Formaper is a large organization with many members and in business and trade development. We believe in sharing our experience by providing training to potential partners to help them build the capabilities of their staff and companies.”

Mr. Raymund Gradt (Commercial Counselor at the Austrian Embassy, Jakarta said:
“EU generates one quarter of the world’s, Indonesia is EU’s second trading partner after Japan. EU has a number of import regulations and although foreign trade has principally been liberalized, there are a few exemptions such as labeling & packaging regulation for food, sanitary, phyto-sanitary, and endangered species related products and import quotas. Approx. 60% of goods from outside the EU are imported duty free average and approx. 40% are required to pay import duties of approx. 4%. All companies and people in Europe do not have the same needs and tastes so be sure to focus on a market and try to understand their needs. Then you can design creative, high quality products and provide them with efficient delivery and after sales service. These are all prerequisite for business success nowadays. Formaper and other European Chambers of Commerce can help provide you with marketing information and much of this is free. It helps if you also look for information in as many places as possible so you can learn more about the market you want to enter too. Many embassies have commercial sections. The EU embassies in Jakarta can usually provide you with broad market information. Visiting Europe or inviting partners or buyers to come to Bali always is useful for building strong trade relationships.”

A EuroBali Export Network project overview was given by Mr. Paul Angeli (WIFI):

“The EuroBali training program provides Indonesian SME with export-focused modules that are taught by European trainers. Topics include export packaging regulations, marketing entry strategies, customer relationship management, and quality management. WIFI and Formaper will be sending expert professionals to teach these modules for the EuroBali pilot project. The project also provides participants with an export handbook about the European market, a web portal to help develop EU-Indonesia trade and it helps KSBA provide an export service unit to local companies.”

Mr. Carlos Talamas (Head of International Department, Formaper) presented the Training Programme:
“The EuroBali training program has been designed to ensure a logical step by step building of local export capacities. First, 12 (twelve) facilitators were trained so that later they can share their knowledge and experience with participating SMEs. WIFI & Formaper however will provide all training during the pilot phase of this project. KSBA facilitators will then help EuroBali continue export training for local export-oriented organizations.”

The launching conference concluded with the presentation of certificates to EuroBali facilitators by Mr. Christian Fritz (KSBA, Project Manager) and Mr. Paul Angeli (WIFI) and the announcements of SME’s to take part in the pilot training program.

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