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About Us

What is EuroBali? 

EuroBali is an Export Network of the Institute for Economic Promotion of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WIFI), FORMAPER (Special Agency of the Milan Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts & Agriculture) and the Kuta Small Business Association (KSBA), to assist Indonesian SMEs in accessing the EU marketplace, to enhance local business skills and to foster European-Indonesian business links. 

The EuroBali Export Network has been established in the framework of an Asia-Invest project (Dec 2004 – Dec 2006) co-funded by the European Commission. The Asia-Invest Programme is an initiative of the European Union that aims to promote and support business co-operation between EU Member States and
South Asia, South-East Asia and China.

Project leader is the Institute for Economic Promotion of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WIFI). 

The aims of the project are: 

  • to boost trade co-operation possibilities for Bali and EU SMEs in other sectors than tourism
  • as a result thereof: to contribute to job creation in export-oriented SMEs
  • to raise mutual awareness in the business community and stakeholders of both regions.

Project activities in the first project year (2005) particularly comprised management- and export trainings carried out by international trainers of WIFI and FORMAPER. Furthermore, local facilitators received advanced training. They have acquired the necessary skills to assist the local project management in their export consulting activities for Balinese SME. 

In 2006, a handbook for Balinese SMEs on “how to export to the European Union” was completed and the EuroBali Export Network Office (one-stop-shop) and this website were established.
is the matchmaking tool for Indonesian and European businesses! It shall serve as the portal for business co-operation between the two regions, as Bali is meant to function as the hub for business between the EU and Indonesia. currently focuses on the sectors furniture, jewellery, handicraft and garment. 

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What is BEDO

In the framework of the project, committed SMEs and facilitators (all being graduates of the project’s training sessions) founded the Bali Export Development Organisation on their own initiative. BEDO was established as a not-for-profit organisation under Indonesian law in March 2006. Membership in BEDO is generally open to every Indonesian SME.

BEDO members support each other in their export efforts and facilitate these by making use of the EuroBali Export Support Facilities. Therefore, BEDO’s mission is to empower Indonesian SMEs to reach international standard export quality by having a comprehensive and complete service package, which includes training, consultancy, advice and the sharing of information and skills. 

The services of the EuroBali Export Network for Indonesian SMEs can exclusively be accessed by BEDO members, to ensure sustainable high quality standards of products and services. 

Find more about BEDO, its aims, vision, services and terms of how to become a member at"

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European Businesses
have full access to the services of this website and the assistance of the EuroBali Export Network staff shortly after they have registered as users of this website. The registration is absolutely free of charge. EuroBali guarantees full secrecy of personal or company data.

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