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South Java had been hit by 3 devastating tsunamis in past 400 years

Monday July 31, 2006

Indonesian Palaeo-tsunami scientists of LIPI (the Indonesian Institute of Science and Research), working together with their Japanese counterparts studying the tsunami-stricken area in south Java, discovered that in the past 400 years, Pangandaran and neighbouring south coast areas had been hit by 3 devastating tsunamis. They came to this conclusion after digging through layers of soil to a depth of more than 2 meters, reports the Kompas daily.



The tsunami prior to last 17 July’s, occurred here in 1921, which was in fact described by Dutch geologist Mc. Cann, said LIPI Head of LIPI Geotechnology Department, Dr. Hery Haryono to Kompas daily.  Meanwhile, Dr. Eko Julianto, who had completed his studies at the Hokkaido University in also discovered that an earlier tsunami that hit the area occurred even before 1600, prior to the arrival of the Dutch in . Samples of this layer were sent to labs in the for carbon-dating. 



While, another joint Indonesian-Japanese team that included the Indonesian Department of Marine Affairs and Fishery, working in cooperation with the Port and Airport Research Institute of Japan and the Japan Society of Civil Engineers, confirmed that, after studying 200 meter stricken coast line, the recent tsunami had hit the south coast at varying strengths and height, creating between high waves between 4.33 m. to highest of 7.75 m at some points. These waves were triggered by the earthquake measuring 7.7 RS magnitude that occurred on 17 July 2006 at 15.19 hrs. local time.