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Mr. Chen
: Owner

Company Overview

NACHA NATURALS markets a wide range of naturally-based products that are useful and aesthetically appealing, furhermore contributing univeral social values. We believe in a focused commitment to the preservation of the world’s environment, by promoting traditional craftsmenship from sustainable resources and materials. This helps us to encourage economic independence and provide incentives to protect our fragile environment. We strive to sell products that are 100% natural and eliminate the use of harmful chemicals, indiscreet harvesting and unnecessary pollution in the manufacturing and finishing process. Our products include a wide array of home and fashion accessories crafted from materials such as palm ivory (Tagua), bamboo, coconut shells and palm wood combined with silver, ceramic and natural fibers. We also have our line of Body and Bath products featuring a selection of natural soaps and bath oils, all milled using the purest of vegetable oils and aromatherapy essences. These best-sellers include our luxurious massage oils, perfumes and an all-natural insect repellent made from indigenous ingredients. All recipes have never been tested on animals; all our products are packed in recycled paper and recycled glass bottles. Even our stationery range incorporates natural plant parts e.g. flowers, rice hulls, coconut husk, tree barks and bamboo stems etc. … We offer customized packaging tailored to your specific designs and we welcome exclusive contracts for mass production in line with your company’s individual needs. All materials used are either recycled by-products, or sustainable natural resources. BODY / BATH AND SCENT Our top of the line item is a 100% pure sandalwood essential oil from Indonesia. We process it and produce a series of incense coils, cones and sticks of ti - all packed into recycled paper boxes or packages. We have another range of aromatic incenses perfumed with exotic Indonesian plant and flower oils – all packed and ready to sell in an attractive display system. Our natural handmade soaps are all vegetable based, with palm oil, aloe vera gel and honey as ingredients. The soaps are exclusively fragranced with pure essential oils. Our body and bath oils use pure olive, grape seed, avocado, carrot, jojoba and wheat germ oils scented delicately with pure aromatherapy oils. We also produce a whole series of massage-, skin- and facial oils using these pure ingredients. All our products can be specially tailored to any of your individual needs. We can help you select your favorite scents and design attractive packaging for your customers’ orders. CERAMIC AND PORCELAIN Our interesting range of ceramic and porcelain wares are all handmade with non-toxic materials. They are fired to temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Celsius to provide them them lasting strength. There is a range of flatware incorporating special techniques of mounding real plants and leaves, e.g. water lilly and banana leaves, in order to form the natural vein network onto the finished products. Another range of ceramic bottles and vessels are mounted with electroplated-silver animals onto the lids. Our bestsellers are a range of hand painted ceramic ware in Oriental / Japanese styles. All our ceramic and porcelain products can as well be specially customized to your specifications and designs – from table accessories and dining table items like platters and servers to teacups, saucers and ceramic napkin rings to perfume- and shampoo-bottles. We can also arrange to pack all your orders in handmade recycled paper boxes. PALM IVORY / TAGUA (MACROCARPUS PHYTELEPHAS) AND PALM WOOD Palm Ivory is the seed from fruit of a variety of tropical palm trees. Perhaps the best known “palm ivory” is Tagua (tah-gwa) or Phytelephas from South America. The palms are producing this botanical jewel.It is growing in various habitats within tropical rainforests. Unlike many other commercial activities occurring in the rainforests today, the harvesting of palm ivory fruit and collection of seeds by the native people is accomplished without heavy machinery or harm to the environment. Some seeds are always left on the ground to germinate and renew the species. The nuts are carved by artisans who traditionally had used ivory, horn and bone for their sculptures. By substituting those materials through palm ivory, we eliminate the unecessary destruction of various animal species while encouraging the continuation of a traditional heritage. Our carvers are skilled craftsmen and can render any shape, logo or symbol from the “ivory” nut. We strive to ensure that all native people involved in palm ivory products will be fairly compensated for their essential role. The benefits of trade in palm ivory are many. It preserves the world’s rainforests, which are our all sanctuaries. It helps to protect endangered animal species, encourages a traditional craft and strengthens the economy of the indigenous people, allowing them greater independence and providing them the means to support for their families. Our natural Tagua creations are beautiful personal investment - and through their purchase you participate in the universal effort to protect our natural environment.


Homemade Natural Soap
EUR 0,97
Homemade Natural Soap (9 types)...

Homemade Natural Soap
EUR 0,97
Homemade Natural Soap (7 types) ...

Aromatic Incense Stick
EUR 0,97
Aromatic incense Stick (12 types)...

Twinbars Homemade Natural Soap
EUR 2,64
Twin Bar Homemade Natural Soap in Gift Box ...

Triplebars Homemade Small Soap
EUR 2,29
Triple Bars Homemade Small Soap in Gift Box ...

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