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Bonbon Cadeau Ltd
: Manager

Company Overview

Company Profile Overview Bonbon Cadeau Ltd is the design and management headquarters for emerging fashion labels Britta Boyer and Butik. Established in 2005, the company is the brain child of fashion designer Britta Boyer, a U.K. national who has been working in the fashion industry for over 15 years. In February 2006 Boyer was honored as Best New Designer by Whistles at TBC's Profile Gala. The elegant, throw-back styling and vintage approach to her signature line, Britta Boyer, made it one of the most talked about casual women's collections at the event. Boyer maintains that the greatest influences for her designs are from memories. Her journey through life and as a fashion designer has seen her through a great variety of landscapes, each offering their own unique characteristics, both aesthetically and socially, thus affording Boyer a wealth of inspiration to draw from. A consummate romanticist, nature lover and vintage enthusiast, her collections have been described as "a little bit Soho and a little bit Garbo" and "the fine result of rummaging through your grandmother's closet." Following the commercial and critical success of last season's U.K. debut, the company is currently working on expanding its distribution to greater Europe, Japan and eventually the U.S. Parts of last season's collection have been featured in popular magazines such as, In Style, Close, Heat and many more. Collection Snap Shots Name: Britta Boyer Website Target Market: 22-40y.o Women Items: Dresses, Skirts, Blouses, Wraps, Accessories Market Description: The woman who can be causally sophisticated. A Glass of wine on the beach. Educated urbanite. Vintage lover. Wuthering Heights. Fabrics: Slinky Rayon, Cotton, Silk, Lace Prints: Influences from Nature Colours: Cappuccino, Treetop, Jade, Nude Name: Butik Website Target Market: 14-40y.o Women Items: Dresses, Skirts, Blouses, Tees, Tank Tops, Accessories Market Description: The fun loving playful girl driving down the coast with the roof down. Technology savvy. Globe trotting vintage lover. Fabrics: Slinky Rayon, Cotton sari, sweatshirt, cotton jerseys Prints: Influences from Nature Colours: Honey Suckle, Sea Grass, Pale Azalea. Company Information Trade Name: Bonbon Cadeau Ltd Owner: Ms. Britta Boyer Address: 2 Hanover Lofts, Finsbury Road, Brighton, BN2 9YU, UK Tel/Fax: +447903670243 Email: Representative Office Jl Petitenget no.22 Kerobokan Kuta-Bali, Indonesia Tel. 0361 730185, 0361 7449625 Email : Contact person : Dewi Yadnya Seni


Temptress Dress
EUR 32,00

Wrap Neglige Midress
EUR 20,50

Wild Orchid Skirt ( Red )
EUR 45,00

Wild Orchid Skirt 1 (Brown)
EUR 30,00

The Divine Woman Blouse
EUR 45,00

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