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Eurobali- Handbook Draft
Wednesday June 21, 2006

Dear EuroBali team,

I have read the hand book and as a sme who has never done any export my impression and comments are:

It’s quite straightforward, step by step and I think this handbook and attending the seminar about it yesterday enables me to have greater understanding of what involves in exporting. Without the seminar, I don’t think I can grasp details that create the picture. I think with the help of the hand book, I can do a bit of 'mock up export' or role playing as if I am exporting my product. Which then I can answer (for myself) which of my product has the potentiality for export, what works (and possible time frame) do I need to lift its quality standard so it is fit for export and what procedure I have to go through to do it. Sounds like a long process. .

Thank you so much, great work!

(Owner of Bali Asli)