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Asian-style Furniture In Europe
European Economic Chambers

Ced Economic Data 2007
Endangered Species Cites
Export Infos About The Eu By Australia
Inco Terms
Overview Of Import Procedures
Product Safety In Europe
Taxes In The European Union
Vat Rates 2005
European Consumer Product Guarantees

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Visit also the websites of the European Union!:


The link below tracks you to very useful information about Size and Population, Trade and the Economy, the Quality and Way of Life, Transport and Environment and Education and Research in the European Union:


The European Commission also offers you a very useful tool on “how to export to the European Union”: visit the EU helpdesk for developing countries!:


Visit also the website of the EC- Delegation to Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam and East Timor. It not only informs you about EU activities in this region, but also provides information on the EU market, the Euro and co-operation opportunities:

EU Market Access Database: a service by the European Commission: