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Indonesia, Malaysia And Brunei Vow To Conserve The “Heart Of Borneo”
Wednesday February 21, 2007
The WWF announced that an historic declaration to conserve the “Heart of Borneo” was officially signed on 2 February, between the three adjoining countries that make up the island of Borneo (known as Kalimantan in Indonesia). These are Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia and Malaysia. The three countries promised to conserve and sustainably manage one of the most important centres of detail

Garuda Indonesia And 3 Private Airlines To Obtain New Aircrafts
Wednesday February 21, 2007
The Indonesia Trade and Investment News published by the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy mentioned that Indonesia’s flag-carrier, Garuda Indonesia, and privately owned airlines Lion Air, Mandala Airlines and Batavia Air will bring in new aircrafts to strengthen their respective fleet. Director General for Air Transport M Iksan Tatang said that Garuda Indonesia will bring in a Boeing detail

Indonesia Sets 6 Million Tourist Arrivals Accelerated Target For 2007
Wednesday February 21, 2007
After a working meeting with the Department of Culture and Tourism on Monday, 12 February, Vice President Yusuf Kalla announced that the government had decided to accelerate tourist arrivals to Indonesia this year to 6 million, up from the previous target of 5.25 million 6o 5.5 million tourists. To achieve this goal, the government plans to reactivate the 12 promotional offices in Indonesia& detail

Wednesday February 21, 2007
After weeks of sweltering heat in Jakarta, where the air-conditioning seemed just not to work at all, suddenly on Thursday, 2 February the skies opened up over the capital and torrential rains fell unrelentingly until the following Friday morning. Thursday evening, office workers found themselves wading through waist-deep water to reach home, while others were stuck in paralyzed traffic for hours detail

Manufacturing Seen Picking Up In 2007
Saturday February 03, 2007
On manufacturing, Indonesia's manufacturing sector output is expected to grow a faster 7.9% in 2007, helped by higher consumption and lower interest rates, an Industry Department official said. The government estimated that manufacturing probably grew 5% in 2006, less than a 6% official forecast made at the start of last year, partly due to weak domestic demand and high interest rates. detail

2006 Advertising Spending Up 17%, Says Nielsen
Saturday February 03, 2007
Further, Indonesia’s Trade and Investment News reported that Corporate expenditure on advertising in 2006 rose 17% to Rp30 trillion, according to Nielsen Media Research. It noted that TV absorbed Rp20 trillion, or 67%, of the total spending, with the remainder shared by newspapers, magazines, radio and online media, XFN-Asia reported on Thursday (18/1/07). Ananto Praktikno, executive detail

Government Pledges To Aid Fishing Industry
Saturday February 03, 2007
The government has pledged to help revive the country’s sea fishing industry by providing more cash collateral this year to boost fishermen's access to bank loans, reported Indonesia’s Trade and Investment News published by the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy. Fisheries Minister Freddy Numberi said Monday (15/1/07) his department would disburse Rp173 billion (about $19.2 detail

Middle East Investor To Resume Lombok Tourism Resort Development
Saturday February 03, 2007
The Lombok Tourism Development Center (LTDC) has attracted investors from the Middle East to develop the area into an integrated tourism resort akin to the Nusa Dua in Bali, reported Culture and Tourism Minister, Jero Wacik, after meeting VP Jusuf Kalla. The meeting was also attended by Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani, State-Enterprises Minister, Sugiharto and Transportation Minister Hatta detail

Indonesia’s 2007 Tourist Arrival Target To Be Revised Upwards
Saturday February 03, 2007
Rumours had been circulating in tourist industry circles that in a recent Cabinet Meeting, Vice President Jusuf Kalla had urged Minister for Culture and Tourism, Jero Wacik to review upward Indonesia’s tourism arrival target for 2007, from 5.5 million – as projected by the Department – to 7 million, to be followed by 8 million in 2008 and 9 million in 2009.  However, no detail

Saturday February 03, 2007
One of Indonesia’s crucial economic problems today lies in the fact that despite much improved macro-economic indicators, yet the real sector has remained stagnant, while most regional economies have remained sluggish. On the macro-economic front, economic growth in 2006 reached 5.5%, inflation for the year was pressed down to 6.6%, down from the 17.1% the year before. Exports reached a detail

UNICEF: Indonesian Women Need Greater Access To Higher Education
Thursday January 25, 2007
Launching Unicef 2007 Report on the State of the World’s Children, Gianfranco Rotiglioni, UNICEF Representative to Indonesia recently urged the government to continue efforts to advance gender equality. The most important issues to improve gender equality are greater access for women to higher education and to economic opportunities, improved reproductive healthcare, and the eradication of detail

Jakarta Culls One Million Fowl, Bans Backyard Farming Starting 1 February
Thursday January 25, 2007
With the death of a 19-year-old woman from West Java on Friday, Indonesia today counts a total of 62 persons who have died from the bird flu in Indonesia, the Ministry of Health said on Saturday (20/1/07). In an urgent bid to contain the spread of the disease, the government further announced that it will expand the ban against backyard poultry farming to 9 regions, that was at first to take detail

Adam Air Jetliner Disaster Caused By Structural Failure?
Thursday January 25, 2007
Preliminary findings of the National Committee for Transport Safety, KNKT, concluded that two most probable reasons for Adam Air Boeing 737-400 disappearance were: Structural Failure and Abnormal Weather Conditions, said Chief Investigator, Frans Wenas to Bisnis Indonesia’s Hendra Wibawa.  The plane, with 102 passengers and crew on board was on a routine direct flight between Surabaya detail

2007 Tourism Marketing Budget Up; Dedicated Convention Directorate Formed
Thursday January 25, 2007
Director General for Tourism Marketing and Promotion, Thamrin B. Bachri recently disclosed that Parliament had agreed to allocate a budget of Rp. 158 billion for international tourism marketing 2007 spending, of which Rp. 20 billion is earmarked to  promote five priority destinations for 2007, reports Erwin Nurdin for Bisnis Indonesia. The five priority regions are West Sumatra, North detail

Thursday January 25, 2007
In a surprise statement on Wednesday, 24 January, - only hours after meeting the International Monetary Fund (IMF) delegation led by Managing Director Rodrigo de Rato, - President Yudhoyono announced at the Palace that Indonesia will discontinue meeting donor countries grouped in the Consultative Group on Indonesia (CGI) starting immediately this year 2007. For the past 15 years Indonesia was detail

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