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Indonesia Knits Closer Strategic Partnership With China
Sunday October 29, 2006
Indonesia hopes to increase its trade volume with to $30 billion by 2010, Indonesian Ambassador Sudrajat said on Wednesday (18/10/06), as reported by Indonesia’s Trade and Investment News. "Indonesia is looking forward to the China-ASEAN summit at the end of the month, and President Susilo (Bambang Yudhoyono) will be in attendance," Sudrajat was quoted as saying by Xinhua.& detail

President Yudhoyono Urges Thailand To End Martial Law
Sunday October 29, 2006
Further, Indonesia’s Trade and Investment News reports that on Saturday, 21 October, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoytono met visiting 's new military-backed Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont and urged the Thai Prime Minister to lift martial law, that was put in place after the kingdom's bloodless coup last month. President Yudhoyono also told PM Surayud that, based on ’s detail

Parliament Passes Law On Customs And Excise
Sunday October 29, 2006
On Wednesday, 18 October, Parliament passed the new Law on Customs and Excise, which slashes red tape and imposes stiffer sanctions on smugglers, reports ’s Trade and Investment News. The legislation, which amends and updates the previous Law passed in 1995, is also designed to ensure adequate supplies of strategic goods on the domestic market through the imposition of export duties.& detail

Tighter Watch On Bird Flu In Poultry And Humans
Sunday October 29, 2006
Indonesia is stepping up its surveillance for bird flu and is ordering that all birds be kept caged in cities, after new human fatalities occurred, reports Indonesia’s Trade and Investment News issued by the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy.    now has recorded 75 human cases of H5N1 influenza, of which 55 have been fatal. Improved surveillance is leading to more suspect detail

Sunday October 29, 2006
Every 28th. October, commemorates Youth Pledge Day, or “Hari Sumpah Pemuda”. On this day in 1928, some 78 years ago, Indonesian youths, hailing from different ethnic groups and islands in the then Netherlands East Indies, convened a 2-day Youth Congress in Batavia - present-day Jakarta . At the end of this historic meeting these youths pledged their commitment to: One Homeland & detail

Local Governments Must Provide Incentives
Wednesday October 18, 2006
’s Trade and Investment News published by the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy reported that the government has asked provincial administrations to think out of the box to attract more investment to their provinces, rather than merely chanting the "tax break" mantra. Giving too many tax incentives to investors could damage both the local and national fiscal system, detail

Three Airports Closed Due To Dense Haze
Wednesday October 18, 2006
On Tuesday, 17 October airport authorities closed three airports due to thick haze from raging forest fires closing in on the areas. These are the airports of Jambi and Pekanbaru in Sumatra, and Pontianak in West Kalimantan . The airports are closed for two or three days until the 19th or 20th October due to very poor visibility, thus completely frustrating thousands of passengers, ready to detail

Wednesday October 18, 2006
The LSI Public Opinion Survey in October 2006 found that after two years at the helm, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Vice President Jusuf Kalla and the government continue to enjoy wide public support and confidence at a high 67% said LSI (Lembaga Survey Indonesia) Executive Director, Saiful Mujani. In his introduction, explaining LSI Public Opinion Survey results for October 2006 on detail

Hotel Association Urges Parliament To Enact Law On Tourism Before Year End
Wednesday October 11, 2006
The Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants Association Chairperson, Yanti Sukamdani urged Parliament to start debates on the new Bill on Tourism, so that it can be enacted before the end of the year to boost the tourism industry. The Tourism Bill is an initiative from Parliament, which aims to revise Law no. 9 of 1990 on Tourism, which the tourism industry finds not specific enough and too general.& detail

Wednesday October 11, 2006
On Monday, 9 October, Media Indonesia, - a paper normally very critical of government policies, - carried an unusually supportive editorial. In fact, Media called on all Indonesians to celebrate and be particularly proud, since this week regained its pride and honour now that the country finally repaid all its debts to the International Monetary Fund. This week, remitted US$ detail

WEF: Indonesia Leaps 19 Places To 50th Rank In WEF 2006 Global Competitive Index
Wednesday October 11, 2006
Press coverage Responsible for the article below are author and publication. The contribution does not necessarily mirror the views of Eurobali. Indonesia Digest Published by: TBSC-Strategic Communication No.: 36.06 – Dated: 11 October 2006 WEF: Leaps 19 Places to 50th Rank in WEF 2006 Global Competitive Index The World Economic Forum made its Press Release headline of 27 detail

Polls Show Government Enjoys Strong Popular Support
Wednesday September 20, 2006
A market research firm indicated on Thursday (15/9/06) that there is strong popular support for Indonesia’s present government, reports the Jakarta Post as quoted in Indonesia’s Trade and Investment News.Roy Morgan Research found in its Good Governance Monitor that the Yudhoyono government scores high marks for trust, management, its anti-corruption campaign and its efforts to promote detail

Indonesia’s Sri Mulyani “Best Finance Minister In Asia”
Wednesday September 20, 2006
The Emerging Markets Forum awarded Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Indonesia’s first female Finance Minister, the predicate “The Best Finance Minister in Asia ”, handed to her on the sidelines of the Annual IMF and World Bank Meeting in . In addition, Euromoney awarded Sri Mulyani the title “The Finance Minister of the Year in the World”. Chief Executive of the detail

Sharks Among 32 New Species Found In Eastern Indonesian Waters
Wednesday September 20, 2006
  Scientists say they have found two types of sharks, exotic "flasher" fish and corals among 52 new species in seas off Indonesia, confirming the western Pacific as the richest marine habitat on earth, reports OptusNetcom. They urged more protection for seas around the Bird's Head peninsula at the western end of island from threats including mining and dynamite fishing that detail

Traditional Megalithic Nias Houses In State Of Collapse
Wednesday September 20, 2006
After the great quake and tsunami on Boxing Day of 2004, followed by another devastating quake on 24 March 2005, until today, the island of Nias, off the coast of North Sumatra, has still not recovered. A great loss to anthropology and archaeology will be the unique traditional houses that are today dilapidating, left in disrepair or are on the verge of collapsing due to lack of funds to detail

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