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Viva Macau Starts Macau-Jakarta Regular Flights
Friday December 08, 2006
Meanwhile, CEO of Viva Macau, Andrew Pyne, announced that the airline is due to launch its Macau-Jakarta flights on 22 December. Flying three times weekly at first, but next year to increase to seven times, Viva Macau flies B 767 aircrafts with 245 seat capacity. Viva Macau plans to carry 60,000 passengers yearly between Macau and Jakarta , or an average 70% load factor. The airline is detail

2007 Domestic Passengers Estimated Up 15%, International Pax Up 8%
Friday December 08, 2006
INACA, the Indonesian National Air Carriers Association estimates that next year, the number of domestic passengers will increase 15% to 33.34 million, and international passengers increase 8% to 6 million. Until October 2006 the National Statistics Board noted the number of domestic passengers to have reached 23.91 million and international passengers 4.52 million. This optimistic detail

January - October Tourist Arrivals Down 8%
Friday December 08, 2006
The National Statistics Board announced that January-October arrivals in 2006 still lags behind 7.91% compared to arrivals during the same period last year. Ten months tourist arrivals this year through 13 international entry air and seaports was 3,224,089, down compared to 3,501,077 in 2005.During this period, the number of visitors to Jakarta has held steady, with a minimum decrease of 0.2% to detail

Friday December 08, 2006
Stop fighting among each other and start rebuilding together, for lags far behind on the world’s productivity scale, was the strong rebuke given to and Indonesians by productivity guru Prof. Michael Porter of Harvard Business School in Jakarta last week.  Although not exactly in these words, yet the message was loud and clear.  To the outside world, Indonesians detail

Indonesia – Australia Sign Security Agreement, Including Non-support To Separatist Groups
Wednesday November 29, 2006
Somewhat pushed into the shadows by the brouhaha caused by the visit of President Bush to Indonesia recently, - on 13 November Indonesia signed an important Security Agreement with Australia on the island of Lombok. Signing the Agreement on the Framework for Security Cooperation between and were Indonesia’s Foreign Minister, Dr. Hassan Wirajuda, Australia’s Foreign Minister, Alexander detail

1,000 Orangutans Feared Dead In Kalimantan Forest Fires
Wednesday November 29, 2006
The Borneo Orangutan Survival Chairman, Willie Smits last week said that the recent forest fires in Kalimantan especially on peat land is estimated to have killed some 1,000 orangutans (pongo pygmaeus). The fires have caused these big apes to become dehydrated, suffer acute respiratory problems, lack food or are even harmed by the fires. Moreover, BOS notes that there are now 120 sick orangutans detail

Lion Air Flies To Singapore And Malaysia From 10 Indonesian Cities
Wednesday November 29, 2006
Meanwhile, Bisnis Indonesia reports that starting next year, Indonesia’s Lion Air will fly to more international destinations.  "In response to urging from the government, Lion Air will add more international routes, in particular to Singapore and Malaysia, where the airline plans to fly to from 10 Indonesian cities, said its Corporate Communication and Public Relations detail

Cebu Air To Fly Manila-Jakarta Direct, Three Times Weekly
Wednesday November 29, 2006
XFN-ASIA from Manila reports that - Cebu Pacific Air Inc will launch thrice-weekly flights between Manila and Jakarta early next year, the unit of publicly-listed conglomerate JG Summit Holdings Inc said. The maiden flight to Indonesia's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is scheduled for January 31, it said in a statement. Direct flights to Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok will detail

President Concerned Over Indonesia’s 1.3% Annual Population Growth
Monday November 13, 2006
President Yudhoyono warns that Indonesia’s population growth of 1.3% annually is higher than even before the 1997 economic crisis, and is an alert signal for all, since population growth impacts the supply of food that must be supplied by the government, increased need for health facilities and, of course, the need for more jobs.  For this reason, the President has asked the National detail

69% Of Indonesia’s Coral Reefs Destroyed
Monday November 13, 2006
An approximate 69% of the 2.5 million hectares of coral reefs found in the Indonesian seas, have now been destroyed, and will need the concerted efforts of many parties including coastal populations to restore, said Sapta Putra Ginting, Executive Secretary of Coremap Phase II, in Padang, West Sumatra ,  last week. Coremap will build a network of 400 observation stations throughout detail

Forest Conservation Issues To Be Discussed At Climate Change Conference
Monday November 13, 2006
Indonesia will bring the forest conservation issue to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) taking place in Nairobi, Kenya, from November 6 to 17, 2006, reports ANTARA.Dadang Hilman, member of the Indonesian delegation from the Environment Ministry to the Meeting said that will submit issues relating to forest conservation in controlling global warming.Forestry is detail

New Surabaya Airport In Operation; Makassar Airport To Upgrade
Monday November 13, 2006
Surabaya has a new airport. On Tuesday, 7 November, the new Juanda Airport went into operation with many hitches. As all planes were that day diverted to the new airport , located north of the old one, operations were not as smooth as expected. Minister for Law and Human Rights, Hamid Awaludin, who was to give a speech at the University of Airlangga was left waiting in the detail

Monday November 13, 2006
Internet and the mobile phone have changed the lifestyle of ’s young generation, confirmed a research done by Synovate. Out of the 18 million Internet users in , 40% are between the age of 20 to 24. This is the young generation that Dentsu Strategic Planner, Janoe Arijanto calls: the “look at me” generation, reports the Kompas daily of 7 November. Young people today want to look detail

Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Among 100 Best In The World
Sunday November 05, 2006
Amid the gloom, there is fortunately a silver lining. According to survey results, Times Education Supplement in its issue of 26 October 2006, confirmed that the Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta has been selected among world’s 100 best Universities, covering three categories, reports Media Indonesia on line.  These categories are: in Social Sciences, rated at no. 47 with detail

9 Months Tourist Arrivals Down 9.26%
Sunday November 05, 2006
International Visitors arrivals through ’s 13 entry points during the first 9 months until September 2006 dropped 9.26% to 2.93 million compared to the same period last year, which reached 3.23 million, reported the National Statistics Board. Whereas, arrivals in September was down 2.87% compared to August.  September arrivals in Bali compared to August was down a small 0.21% but detail

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