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Jakarta’s 3 Divas Mesmerize Kuala Lumpur
Saturday March 31, 2007
“Fantastic. Spectacular!” These were words expressed by Malaysia’s former Prime Minister, Mahathir Muhammad as well as Malaysia’s own Diva, Siti Nurhalizah praising the concert they had just attended at the Bukit Jalil Stadium in Kuala Lumpur recently, which featured Indonesia’s top three divas: Krisdayanti, Titi DJ and Ruth Sahanaya. That evening, the three detail

Indonesian Airports Limit Passengers Carry Liquids, Aerosols And Gels In Plane Cabins
Saturday March 31, 2007
Effective midnight 31 March, Indonesian airports enforced rulings limiting passengers to carry Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAG) as carry-on luggage in plane cabins. This include perfumes, hairspray, thinners, ethanol and similar. Announced on Television just a few days before, the new rules surprised a number of passengers. A foreign tourist who wished to carry a bottle of mineral water into the detail

Tourism Must Step Up Its Contribution To The Economy, Says President SBY
Saturday March 31, 2007
Delivering his opening address at the start of the Tourism National Coordination Meeting recently, President Yudhoyono urged the Department of Culture and Tourism and all tourism stakeholders to be more creative and more innovative. The many Indonesian tourism potentials that Indonesia possesses must be maximized, the President said. For at the present moment the President deems that Indonesian detail

Saturday March 31, 2007
For 2008 next year, Indonesia assumes an economic growth target of 6.8% and a Budget deficit of 1.7% of GDP said Finance Minister, Sri Mulyani, announcing the Government’s Work plan for 2008 at a recent press conference. The target, which had been decided by President SBY at an enlarged plenary cabinet meeting, is above the earlier predicted growth of 6.5% maximum, said Minister Mulyani.& detail

Central Java Revives Chinese “Peranakan” Heritage
Sunday March 25, 2007
Ever since 2002, when President Abdurahman Wahid, - popularly known as Gus Dur,- lifted the ban on Chinese culture and Chinese festivals in Indonesia, many communities have been activated to revive this precious heritage that had been forced to stay under wraps for three long decades. Ever since then, Chinese New Year and the Cap Goh Meh, coming 15 day after the New Year, have been celebrated detail

Post Accidents, Authorities Enforce Strict Air Safety Standards
Sunday March 25, 2007
In the aftermath of two fatal air tragedies in the past three months, the government has audited all Indonesian domestic air transport operators. On Thursday evening, 22 March, the new Director General for Air Transportation, Budhi M. Suyitno, announced the results of the audit made, as follows: Based on 20 parameters, said Budhi Suyitno, operators have been  placed into three categories. detail

Indonesia Ranks No. 60 At World’s Tourism Competitiveness : Industry Must Close Ranks To Raise Indonesia’s Competitiveness
Sunday March 25, 2007
The very first Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report prepared by the World Economic Forum was published with overall results presented in summary at the international travel forum ITB in Berlin on Thursday, March 8, 2007, reports An exhaustive survey that compared nations in terms of factors that make a country attractive to tourism resulted in a hierarchical ranking of detail

Sunday March 25, 2007
Ideally, in order to achieve integration, regional partnerships such as ASEAN should not be overly ambitious to try and solve too many issues all at once, advised former EU Deputy Secretary General Europe Commission, Berdhard Zepter in Jakarta recently. Zepter was speaker at a discussion entitled: “Lessons and Reflections on Regionalization: Asian & European Perspectives”. detail

Militants Devise New Tactics: Governments To Promote Dialogue
Wednesday March 21, 2007
Militant groups are devising new strategies in an effort to deal with closer cooperation between countries in the Southeast Asian region and keep victory against terrorism out of reach, Foreign Minister Hassan Wirayuda warned on Monday (5/3/07, as quoted by Indonesia’s Trade and Investment News, published by the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy. "While we have been enhancing our detail

Tuesday March 13, 2007
The 8th March was International Women’s Day. Initially launched by the UN in 1978 , Women’s Day was meant to support and press on with the fight of the feminist movement in New York at the time to gain universal suffrage (voting rights), and is aimed to raise this awareness internationally, writes Bisnis Indonesia.  Today, however, women’s demands worldwide have widened detail

Government Raises 2007 Export Target To 20%
Sunday March 04, 2007
Hours after publishing the Trade Department press release that Indonesia targets an increase of 14.5% in exports for 2007, Trade Minister Mari Pangestu revised this target to 20% in line with directives just received from Vice President Jusuf Kalla, who came to the Trade Department for a coordinating meeting, reported Kompas daily. The meeting was also attended by Coordinating for the Economy, detail

Lightning Guts West Sumatra’s Tourism Icon
Sunday March 04, 2007
On Tuesday evening at 7.0 pm, 27 February, amidst heavy torrential rain, lightning struck the thatched rooftop of the “Pagaruyuang Ustano” or palace, gutting completely this West Sumatra tourism icon within one hour, reports Kompas daily. Well-known for its graceful upturned pointed roofs and colourful wood-crafted walls, so typical of traditional West Sumatra aristocratic houses, detail

Jakarta Golf Championship, Il Divo, Muse, Java Jazz Revitalize Jakarta
Sunday March 04, 2007
Jakarta is indeed a resilient city. Barely one week after flood waters inundated some 70% of the capital, Jakartans are back on their feet in droves listening in awe to the reverberating voices of Il Divo, cheering to the music of Muse, and enjoying the Jakarta International Golf Championship, the latter held here from 15-18 February, although a couple of times play was stalled through detail

Sunday March 04, 2007
Last Saturday, 24 February, Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Boediono was inducted as Professor at his Alma Mater University, Gajah Mada in Yogyakarta. His inaugural speech raised the issue on the problems faced to Sustaining Democracy and Economic Growth, an abstract of which was published in Bisnis Indonesia of 26 February. A shortened version translation into English is given here for detail

WHO Must Set Rules On H5N1 Sharing, Say Indonesian Authorities
Wednesday February 21, 2007
Indonesia will not share bird flu virus samples with foreign laboratories until the World Health Organization has rules in place to ensure they are not used commercially, a senior Indonesian health official said on Friday (9/2/07). Experts say sharing H5N1 samples is crucial as it allows specialists to study the makeup of the virus and trace its evolution and the geographical spread of any detail

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